I've helped 1000's of people have great success with planted tanks. Why would you NOT do it the way it's done in nature? Plants grow in dirt.
I’ve helped 1000’s of people have great success with planted tanks. Why would you NOT do it the way it’s done in nature? Plants grow in dirt.

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GOT DIRT in your planted tank?

Why not?

You are telling yourself, “Yeah Dustin, I like the concept of Dirting my tank, but what if I screw it up?’

Or, “But, I’ve already spent a bunch of money on stuff the guy at the pet store told me to get and my tank still looks like crap.”

Or “Why should I spend money on some guide when I can just spend the money on plants?”

Or. “Yeah, but how much dirt do I use?” Or “Can I use the gravel I have already have bought?”

I hear you.

You want a better looking tank. You want to be proud of your tank and watch it grow from the work you have done. You want a piece of nature flourishing in your living room. You want a tank that looks so good that stupid people will ask, “Is that saltwater?”

You also want LESS WORK. Who doesn’t want to do LESS work? You want a tank that you can play with when you want, but when you leave it alone it will still be growing along great WITHOUT YOU.

You might enjoy putting fertilizers in your tank and can see the benefits of it in your plant growth. Great- keep doing it, but you DON’T HAVE TO with a Dirted tank.

With a Dirted Tank you SAVE MONEY. You don’t have to spend 10 bucks on a new bottle of fertilizers every 2 months. That’s 60 bucks a year.

You also will stop KILLING PLANTS. You won’t need to sit and watch your plants yellow away as death creeps over them. The reverse is true. You will watch your plants GROW and MULTIPLY.


This isn’t some quickly thrown together guide that is 5 pages with 10 pictures. This is LOADED with everything I can think of about HOW TO DIRT YOUR PLANTED TANK.

This Guide is over 65 pages long. If you took out all of the pictures and just had plain text with normal spacing, it is 35 pages. I have also paid someone to come and take photos of every step of the process so that you can see exactly how I do it as well as read the FULL description.

This guide is LOADED with all of the information and questions I have been asked about Dirting your Tank.

Why should you listen to me about it?

Here’s why…

  • I have the LARGEST Planted Tank YOUTUBE Channel in the WORLD.
  • And I have the SECOND LARGEST Aquarium YOUTUBE Channel on the Planet.
  • My name and videos are on nearly every aquarium forum as the place to go for, “HOW TO SETUP A PLANTED TANK WITH DIRT”
  • This NEW Dirted Tank Guide is an ENTIRE COMPILATION of everything I know about doing a DIRTED TANK.
  • I talk about everything. I both tell and show you how to do Dirt your tank.
  • I also talk about what NOT to do. I talk about my mistakes. I go into painful detail about the errors I made in both my 125 and my 220. I talk about the common things people think they need more of that will actually screw up their tank. It answers ALL of the questions I have been asked constantly over the past 4 years.

Questions like…

  • “How much Dirt do I use?”
  • “How much gravel?
  • “Can I use my Eco-Complete?”
  • “ How Long does Dirt Last?”
  • “What kind of plants should I get?”


I break it down in simple, easy to understand, conversational dialog— JUST LIKE MY VIDEOS


The Complete Dirted Tank Guide is $79.99.

“So wait Dustin, why should I pay $79.99?”

Here’s a break down…

  • You’ve already spent $29 on the Wrong Substrate – Eco – Incomplete
  • You have lightly stocked your tank with plants.
  • $8 for a Large Sword
  • $7 for some tall grassy plant
  • $5 for some short grassy plant
  • $10 for some miscellaneous other plants.

29+8+7+5+10 you are at $59

You are already committed for $59

You are $59 in and slowly your plants are starting to look like CRAP!

So now you need to go on DEFENSE just to keep them alive.

You spend $20 more on some Fertilizers to give the plants a boost.

Now you are at $79.

(Even if the Fertilizers work, you are still going to be spending $20 every couple of months on Ferts)



BUY The COMPLETE DIRTED TANK GUIDE and learn how you can setup a Planted Tank that will RUN AND GROW WITHOUT YOU.

HERE’S the LIMITED Time offer I’ve got for you as I want you to have your tank rocking from the start.

As a LIMITED TIME BONUS. I will email you over a copy of my Dirted TANK DVD. A 25 Minute DVD of the 5 Steps of me Dirting my 125. The Dirted Tank DVD alone sells for $19.95.

But there is more. I will ALSO throw in the Original, “50 Dirted Tank Questions Guide” (Retails for $12.99) FREE!!!!

Here’s a break down…

You Get…


  • The NEW COMPLETE DIRTED TANK GUIDE- Valued at $49.95
  • The DIRTED TANK DVD- Valued at $19.95
  • AND The Original “Dirted Tank Question Guide with over 50 Questions” Valued at $12.95

This is an insanely great deal.

Order Dustins Fishtank Guide

Our 30 Day 120% Money Back Guarantee

But I’ve got more. This offer is such a good deal that if you aren’t completely 100% satisfied with the results you get in the next 30 days. Simply email me with 5 reasons why you want your money back and I’ll refund you 120% of your MONEY BACK. Yep.


P. Misner: “This is how beginner planted combo turned out after a year, thought you might like to see!”

Planted Tank Testimonial

“so you added no other plants? Can I use this as a testimonial?” ~Dustin

“haha you bet I’d love for you to use it! but, no I honestly did not add any other plants they just spread..
off and on I would give two capfuls of flourish excel daily then I would run out and not buy more for a few months…,
It’s dirted with your guide and 1 54 watt 6500k T5 HO and 1 54 watt Roseate for 7 hours a day.” ~P. Misner

Lindsey B: “It’s great, lots of good information and love learning from your mistakes and skipping my own. Had me cracking up at parts too. “turn the XXXXX on about as XXXX as you XXX” lol classic.” ~ Lindsey B

M. Nicholson: “About three years ago, I was having difficulty keeping live plants in my aquarium.  I thought that all I needed was good lighting to make plants grow, but I quickly found out that lighting alone was not the key.  Then I stumbled upon Dustin on YouTube, talking about using organic dirt as the substrate and capping the dirt with gravel.  I must have watched his videos and read his guide 10 times.  Now look at my tank, it looks like a jungle, not to mention that most of the plant that you see in my tank was purchased from Dustin.   I also used his ideas for building a hood for my 125 gallon tank, thanks Dustin!!!!” ~ M. Nicholson

Nicholson Fishtank Testimonial

John. N: “Hey man, I’m so glad your link didn’t work and I was able to get the draft of your new dirted tank guide cuz its the shit. Awesome detail in the draft, it’s given me such a clearer vision of what I’m going to do.

Pictures would be great in the 12 plants section but I’m sure you’ve got that planned already. I would suggest trimming down the 50 questions in the original dirt guide. There’s a lot of repeats and now that you explain it so thoroughly is a bit of overkill. Besides that I think you’re killing it dude.

I really appreciate what you do and the enthusiasm you have. It’s infectious. Can’t wait to dirt cuz my current plants are hurting in just gravel.”  Thanks again D ~ John. N






dustins fishtank

Dude- What if it works?!  You’ve got Nothing to lose, I’ll give you your money back if you aren’t happy.  Get a better tank now and HIT ORDER NOW – Thanks!-  Tank On!


….and I’ve already sold a MOUNTAIN of these and NOT ONE PERSON was unhappy about the purchase – GET IT!